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Rajini History
          Rajini school or the Queen School was founded on April 1,1904 by Queen Prasripatcharindara, consort of King Rama V. Rajini School was first located at the corner of Asadang Road and Jakarpetch Road in the Pakklong Talad area.
          At that time. Her Majesty the Queen hired two Japanese teachers to teach various subjects. The first principal was Miss Tetsu Yasui. The Queen intended to prepare young female students academically. Subjects were offered in the following fields: Thai and English languages, arts and handicrafts, morality and self disciplines.
           With the permission of King Rama V, the Queen's School was relocated in 1906 to the present location in the Sunantalai area. Since then the school's administration and curriculum have been managed by several members of the royal family, as well as the wives of Thai noblemen.
          Rajini School has long been famous because of its excellent administration and standards.

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